Features of a Good Website

There are many businesses and individuals out there who can put together websites. There is even software that can be purchased to help do the web design. Even with this, it does not mean the website will be a good site. So what features are needed for a site to be considered “good”?

Easy to Read

A good site will be easy to read. This includes not having a lot of text jumbled together. The site should look clean and crisp. When on the web, a person generally takes around 5-7 seconds to look at a site to see if it is what they wanted. If the most important information is front and center, they will likely stay on the site to read more.

Contact Information

Having contact information on a site is important so people know how to get in touch with you. It is recommended for this to be at the top of every page as well as at the bottom. Search engines rank sites higher that have this information in certain places on the page. The most common contact information to be listed in a telephone number, business address, and email address. A hyperlink can even be placed for people to click on to email directly or for a map to come up of the location giving directions.

Page Titles

A good site will have titles for each page. This helps search engines index them as individuals and makes it more likely for the site to be found. Each page title should be specific to what type of content is on the page.


Some websites will include links to other pages in the site or even other websites. This helps their credibility on the world wide web especially if the sites they link to have a high PR score.

Bullet Points

Bullet points on websites help to organize the information on a page. It also allows people to be able to quickly see if what they are looking for is on that page.

A web site also has to be hosted by someone. This host will need to ensure the site can stay live and be connected. A website not able to be found on a search engine is not helpful. A hosting service is sometimes included in a web design package. If it is not, there are many companies who will host a site they did not design. More information about this can be found on the web.


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